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Ken's Age of Renaissance Home Page

Welcome to the Home Page of the 2009 Boardgame Players Association's (BPA) Age of Renaissance Play by E-mail Tournament.


My name is Greg Stripes and I will be the GM for the tournament this year.    Since I will also be playing in the tournament, I will have several assistant GM's:  Nicole Kaiyan, Mark Neale and Ewan McNay.  


In order by take part in this tournament, you must be a member of the BPA for 2009.    You can join BPA for as little as $10.00, which will allow you to take part in all BPA Email tournaments.    More information about joining BPA can be found at

To take part in the tournament, please send an email to Greg Stripes [aor at gregstripes dot com] by April 29th, 2009.     The games will begin around May 18th, 2009.  Verification that you are a current BPA member will take place prior to the games beginning.

All games will be played using the Automated Card Tracking System (ACTS) website.  It is necessary for all players to have an account on ACTS.   So if you don't have an account, please go to The ACTS Homepage and follow the instructions for getting your own (free) account.  If you’re not at least a little familiar with ACTS, I recommend taking a little time and familiarizing yourself with how it manages AoR

Please review the Tournament Rules before signing up for the tournament.

The winner of the tournament gets their name listed on the BPA PBeM Tournament page.   This tournament also counts towards the BPA Caesar Award.

Good Luck!